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Rahn + Bodmer

You can find over 200 plants in the Rahn+Bodmer premises. A highlight is the bistro, where hanging plants were placed on a grid below the ceiling and are now increasingly overgrowing it.


With over 200 plants and 30 sensors, the Microsoft Switzerland headquarters in the Circle is one of the best-equipped projects. One of the highlights are the many hanging plants along the window walls in the lobby and Barista.


Dormakaba's headquarters in a former warehouse with a glass roof offers the optimal conditions for the plants to grow quickly thanks to the abundance of light. You can find many plant boxes with wheels, but also wooden shelves with plants and two large tree trunks right in the entrance area.


Beekeeper's office was equipped with more than 60 plants. What's special here are the various planted sideboards and shelves, which go very well with the many wooden elements.