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 For architects 

More than simple decoration.

Plants are versatile design elements for sustainable and healthy offices. We help you to effectively integrate the greenery into your architecture.

Realized greening concepts

100% tailored to your architecture
Plant selection & positioning based on your layout
Matching the concept to your colors and materials
Rental model that does not affect your building budget and is professionally maintained
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 Photo by Peter Würmli 

Latest Project

The smart plant concept fits perfectly into our vision of creating user-focused working environments. Thanks to the advice and support from Oxygen at Work, we were able to implement a greenery design that represents our client’s culture and values, looks beautiful and contributes to a healthy and naturally purified indoor climate.

Stefan Camenzind
Partner & Executive Director at Evolution Design
Our core competencies
Natural air improvement
Modeling natural air improvement and energy saving potential.
Optimization of the room acoustics
Simulation of the influence of plants on the acoustics in work and rest areas.
Improvement of the working atmosphere
Plant recommendations for the benefit of the well-being and cognitive abilities of employees.

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In line with modern workplaces

Sustainable office building

With selected indoor plants and microorganisms, the air quality can be improved in a natural way . Thus, ventilation systems can be relieved and energy can be saved. Our experience shows that this saves over 100kg of CO2 per workplace and year , which has a positive effect on the sustainability of buildings.

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We accompany you through to implementation
Location analysis

Identification of the requirements of the workplace environment and the potential that can be exploited with a smart plant concept.


On the basis of construction data, various greening scenarios are developed that address different focuses (energy savings, health, social distancing, acoustics & productivity).

Development of the design

Iterative optimization of the design based on data evaluations of previous greening concepts and development of an individualized solution including benefit assessment.


Setting up the customer's office space with plants, air sensors and the live dashboard to check the air quality. The all-inclusive service is rented by the customer and not purchased. This way, the construction budget is not burdened and the quality of the plant concept is maintained for years.

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