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Startup Pilatus


Sarnen, Switzerland

Project description

In the heart of Sarnen, Startup Pilatus' co-working space has become a little greener. With a carefully selected collection of over 60 plants, including majestic large plants such as the Howea forsteriana and medium-sized species such as the Ficus lyrate, we have created an oasis of calm and productivity. One of the highlights of this project are the Oxygen elements - stylish, green side-boards that not only impress visually, but also serve as practical room dividers.

By integrating air sensors, visitors to the co-working space can experience the positive effect of the plants in real time. A simple scan of a QR code is all it takes to make the air quality transparent and tangible, seamlessly linking nature and technology.

Customer feedback

Our co-working space is really blossoming thanks to Oxygen at Work. The professional care of the plants relieves us enormously and creates an atmosphere that is appreciated and praised by visitors to our space.


Emmanuel Hofer

Owner & Managing Director, EMHO Management AG

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