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PSP Management AG


Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland

Project description

In the offices of PSP management two different plant concepts are implemented. In the Zurich office, you will find planted furniture. The unique and lushly planted seating creates a beautiful image and thanks to the high density of plants, can improve air quality despite the limited space. In the office in Geneva, on the other hand, various plants, from large to small, romp around in matching pots on the floor and the sideboards.

Customer feedback

The positive effect of the plants on our working environment is fantastic. The professional selection and regular care create a pleasant atmosphere, in which our employees feel comfortable and relaxed. We especially appreciate the expertise in selecting the air-purifying plants. Their dedicated team relieves us of all plant-related tasks, so that we can fully concentrate on our core business. We thank Oxygen for their excellent work and look forward to a continued successful cooperation.

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Josine Champion

Hospitality Management

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