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Article Title That Promises to Solve a Problem

by Remy Graf


Let's face it, working from home can sometimes feel like you're navigating through a minefield of distractions. (PROBLEM)

From that pile of dishes staring you down to the "quick" TV break that turns into a binge-watching session, it's a wonder anything gets done. (PROBLEM)

But imagine stepping into an environment where the air buzzes with productivity. A shared office space is exactly that - a place where the focus is contagious. (SOLUTION)

You're surrounded by go-getters, all dialed into their work, and it's hard not to catch the vibe. It's not just about having a desk away from home; it's about being part of a community that's all about getting things done. You'll find that tasks you've been putting off suddenly feel more doable, and your to-do list doesn't seem so daunting anymore. It's a game-changer, turning procrastination into productivity.

1. Instant Networking Club

Imagine stepping into your office and bumping into someone who's exactly the brainy sidekick you need for your next big project. Shared office spaces are like those cool networking events, but every day. You could be sipping your coffee one minute and planning a collaboration the next. It's all about making connections without even trying.

2. A fresh Perspective Around Every Corner

Ever find yourself staring at your screen, wishing for a eureka moment? In a shared office, your next big idea might just come from the person sitting across from you. It's like having a constant flow of fresh air for your brain, keeping those creative juices flowing and bringing new energy to your projects.

3. Wave Goodbye to Procrastination

Working from home has its perks until you find yourself deep-cleaning the fridge instead of meeting deadlines. A shared office packs a productivity punch that's hard to ignore. With everyone around you in work mode, you'll find yourself catching the productivity bug and smashing through your to-do list.

So, knowing the benefits of a shared workspace is one thing, but actually making the switch and reaping those rewards is another. But don't worry, we're here to help.

Oxygen at Work Founder.jpg

We're Manuel, Rita and Joel, and we've been where you are.

We understand the struggle of finding the right space to nurture your business and creativity.

That's why we founded Oxygen at Work, a place where entrepreneurs like you can thrive. Our passion for bringing people together and creating an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and success is what drives us. We offer more than just a desk; we provide a community, state-of-the-art facilities, and the support you need to take your business to the next level.

Want to get an individual plant concept for your office?

Benefits You Can Expect

How it Works



Analyse der Räumlichkeiten und der Bedürfnisse der Nutzer und Nutzerinnen.



Berechnung und Visualisierung der Anzahl und Art der Pflanzen für dein Büro.



Pflanzenlieferung, Installation der Luftsensoren und des Real-time Dashboards.


Pflege & Optimierung

Regelmässige und professionelle Pflege, Ersetzen von unfitten Pflanzen und Empfehlungen fürs Raumklima.

micheal isaac.jpg
📍 Microsoft

Oxygen at Work ist ein Paradebeispiel für einen intelligente, datengesteuerten Dienstleistung. Sie tragen nicht nur zur Reduktion unserer CO2-Emissionen bei, sondern schaffen auch ein gesundes Arbeitsumfeld und verbessern das Wohlbefinden unserer Mitarbeitenden.

Michael Isaac, Head of PR & Communications

belinda koenig_edited.jpg
📍 Dentsu

Die Vielfalt der Pflanzen in unserem Büro schafft ein sehr angenehmes Raumklima und sorgt für ein wohlfühlendes Ambiente. Wir schätzen die liebevolle Pflege und professionelle Beratung des Oxygen-Teams sehr und sind stolz, in ökologisch und wirtschaftlich nachhaltiger Sicht, diesen Schritt gegangen zu sein.

Belinda König, Head of Office Management D-CH & FFM

📍 Universität St. Gallen

Mit SQUARE hat die Universität St.Gallen ein Treibhaus für Ideen eröffnet, insbesondere auch für unternehmerische Initiativen unserer Studierenden. Oxygen at Work ist Sinnbild dieser Vision: Ein studentisches Start-Up mit nachhaltigem Ethos belebt diese Atmosphäre.

Prof. Dr. Ehrenzeller, Rektor

mila nussbaumer.webp
📍 Beekeeper

Wir sind extrem stolz auf unsere neuen Büroräumlichkeiten im Atmos. Einen sehr grossen Beitrag leisten die Pflanzen von Oxygen at Work. Speziell die grossen Bäume im Eintrittsbereich geben den WOW-Effekt für Kunden, Job-Kandidaten oder sonstige Gäste. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass eine smarte Bepflanzung einen so starken Einfluss auf die Attraktivität des Büros hat!

Mila Nussbaumer, Head of Sales EMEA


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